The Greeks are protesting against austerity measures the EU countries imposed on Greece, as a condition for receiving aids. No doubt, Greece is going through a difficult time and such measures could potentially create impacts on the Greeks in ways they do not want.

The EU nations deemed such measures as necessary. After all, they are the ones that are lending money to Greece, to bail out the nation out of its current economic trouble. This is like friends lending money to a neighbor in financial trouble, and in order to get out of his/her financial mess, this person has to make efforts to save and curb his/her own spending. He cannot expect others to help him while he does nothing to help himself. The friends’ advice to ask him not to spend unnecessarily is out of good will and also a gesture to make sure that their investments in the troubled neighbor is worthwhile.

The Japanese also went through a rough reconstruction period after the second World War. The proud Greeks ought to learn to humbly persevere in this tough condition and get themselves out of this mess.

Now, your friends are willing to help you, why can’t you learn to help yourself?