There are writings out there, one of which I posted written by John Piper that pointed out the root problem of human sin in our society and culture, and that we need our savior in the midst of everything that has transpired. (For the Piper post, see http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/a-lesson-for-all-from-newtown).

While such writings are spot on, and I encourage leaders like Piper to engage more directly with national and state political leaders and policy makers just as Daniel of the Old Testament to the gentile king. The spiritual insights are helpful, it is not as helpful when it does not impact the political leaders who are responsible for making our day-to-day policy decisions.

America is more than 100 years away from the last spiritual revival. Where are God’s “prophets” of today that speak to the unbelief? America sends out the most missionaries to the world, where are the missionaries to preach the gospels at home to their fellow Americans? That’s one ironic thing I observe about American Christianity.

Talk is cheap, do something.