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FDR-Depression       obama

FDR won the 1936 Presidential election in a landslide against the Republican Landon. 523 (D) v. 8 (R) (in electoral votes). Landon won only 2 states, that is embarrassing by the way.

The historical-political context of the time was strangely kind of similar to what is happening now in Washington, except Obama did not win with a landslide against Romney. The U.S. was still in the great depression; FDR had won his 2nd term for the White House; He was implementing his “socialist” New-Deal Policies and the Republicans were against these policies; Blacks though unable to vote at the time, had become more supportive of the Democratic party and had forsaken the Republican party to which they traditionally owed allegiance; the unemployment rate had decreased from 25% to 15%; National Debt skyrocketed; After FDR’s 1936 re-election the national economy took a downturn in 1937, resulting in a depression within the great depression.

If history provides any insights to us: now Obama is re-elected, with overwhelming support from African-Americans; we are still in the “great recession”; national debt is still increasing; unemployment though lower than 4 years ago, is still high. Now, should an agreement not reached and we jump off the fiscal cliff in the next week or so, it is likely we will experience another recession within the great recession.