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With so many budget showdowns between the democrats and the republicans in the past few years, it was hardly unexpected that the federal government shut down would eventually occur. It was a matter of time. The government shutdown impacts perhaps millions of people and their livelihood, at a time when the U.S. economy has only begun to recover in a rather slow pace. Not to mention, that we would face potentially a debt ceiling crisis which could further jeopardize the U.S. economy as the U.S. government defaults on its debts should both sides continue to fight.

The political polarization in Washington continues to worsen, and both sides continue to point fingers at one another, playing the blame shifting game. The U.S. government, in terms of governance, is ineffective, inefficient and wasteful. It’s time for a change. A kind of change Barack Obama promised as presidential candidate and yet failed to deliver.  He promised he would work across the aisle as a candidate, but second term into his presidency, it is a good reality check. Neither side budged.

I appreciate the U.S. political system. We have for a long time, a very stable two-party system. Unlike other democracies in which multiple parties compete in elections, when none have the absolute majority in these multiple-party elections, the winning party has to forge political alliances with smaller parties. This gives small political parties huge political advantage. Often, such political alliance proves to be fragile, especially when political ideologies are incompatible.

Despite the disadvantages of a multi-party political system, perhaps it is time for a good, competent third political alternative for Americans. The Democrats and Republicans take American people for granted, as power perpetually shifts between these two political parties, and there is no incentive or pressure for them to learn to compromise to get the job done, but forcing a government shutdown. The congressional members still get paid, at a time when millions of Americans are suffering during government shutdown. It is time to end this irresponsible behavior and attitude. It is time the Republicans and the Democrats know that American people have other choices. If they want to be able to continue to rule, they must get their acts together and get the job done.

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously looking into voting for a 3rd party candidate this election season at all levels of government. I call on other disappointed political independents and moderates to do the same.

Ditch the Democrats, ditch the Republicans.