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CNN Video on the NYC SUV-Motorcycle Clash

CNN video – Biker said SUV driver a “maniac”

So much controversies for the recent NYC incident in which a group of bikers surrounded and beat the SUV driver Lien. Whose fault is it? As more details emerged after a few days, it is much more clear now.

The first CNN video above showed that the SUV driver was driving in the middle lane, no problems at all. A biken cut in front of him, slowed down, turned his head and looked back, causing the SUV driver to hit the biker. What was the biker trying to do here? Is he trying to give Alexian Lien a hard time, threatening him and his family? Who in the right mind would act in such a manner? I would definitely be afraid for the safety of my family if I had been in the SUV driver’s shoes.

As for the SUV driver, did he have the intention to purposely hit the biker. That is a very far-fetched theory. Why would he do that with his family – his wife and 2-year-old daughter – in the car? That is nonsense. In the 2nd video, one of the bikers accused the SUV driver of being a maniac. Sure, the SUV driver ran over a couple of bikers when he was surrounded and threatened by them. If he had been a maniac, it was not that he was a “maniac” to start with, it was the result of being outnumbered and threatened by a group of bikers. Lien feared for his life and the safety of wife and child. Who wouldn’t be?

Whose fault is it? The new evidence and details that emerged are abundantly clear that the bikers were being a menace to the public, to Lien and his family, and to other NYC drivers and pedestrians alike.