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Gun supporters often argue that they arm themselves to protect against the “bad guys.” They often lose sight of the possibility that they (we) may be the very “bad guys” who in the heat of the moment commit atrocities with easy access to guns. This country is turning into a place where, if you not happy about something, stressed, depressed, you bring your guns (and of course other weapons) and kill people. It has progressed from “I want my rights to carry guns” to “I have rights (and freedom) to kill others with guns because I am unhappy about something.”

Freedom? Is this the kind of “freedom” you are envisioning? In fact, fallen human beings in this fallen world has no “true freedom” despite how we idealize it. We are so bound to sin, that we cannot even control ourselves against sin.

For evangelical Christians in America who are Gung-Ho Gun supporters. I really wish you have more enthusiasm for preaching the gospel (to free sinners from the bondage of sin), than your zeal for owning guns that could kill.