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For a news report on the “Purdue Consensus,” read here, and the full text of the Consensus in English, here.

“This is a historic consensus for religious freedom in China among leading rights lawyers, house church leaders, and academic scholars on religion in China. It matches both the spirit of the international norms and the Chinese Constitution on religious freedom,” said Rev. Bob Fu, president and founder of China Aid”

Note here in Bob Fu’s speech given at the conference regarding the Purdue Consensus, we can see clearly that it is not a consensus based on Christian doctrines or understanding from the Scriptures on the topic of the relations between religion and state. Rather, it is more of a “legal” consensus based on the international human-rights instruments and the constitution of the PRC. Therefore, it is important that my fellow Christians see the distinction, and not attack the Consensus as being “non-Christian,” or “unbiblical.” The consensus I believe is not meant to be a Christian doctrinal/theological statement to begin with. For the Christians though, in light of this consensus, it in fact provides a good opportunity for us to start thinking and formulate a Christian understanding from the scripture on the relationship between the State and religion in a secular society. I believe this is a more constructive approach than an outright denunciation of the Purdue Consensus.