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The U.S. “strategy” in dealing with ISIS is fundamentally flawed, and time will prove it that the current “strategy” (and the past no-strategy) if you can call it one, falls short of an effective strategy capable of eliminating the ISIS threat, a threat which US president Obama referred to as a “cancer.”

Barack Obama did not acknowledge ISIS as a legitimate threat since the beginning. In fact, he casually dismissed it as a “JV team.” It was not until ISIS forces started taking over Iraqi and Syrian cities and towns that the Obama administration started to treat this threat more seriously. But still, as my readers can tell from my past posts going back months ago, Obama persisted in pondering and waiting; he refused to take any meaningful actions for months, fearing that the U.S. may be dragged into another major military conflict in the Middle East.

The truth of the matter is, whether the U.S. likes it or not, ISIS is treating the United States as an enemy and its rhetoric has already consistently and clearly indicated that it is determined to attack the United States and its citizens. However, we observed no meaningful actions to destroy the ISIS cancer by the Obama administration, until we suffered the losses of two U.S. citizens’ lives, who were beheaded by a certain ISIS militant.

Throughout the past 3-4 months, Obama has been a very reluctant warrior, while he started to acknowledge ISIS as a threat; he has only instituted very limited military measures, which is no strategy to eliminate the ISIS threat. While Obama orchestrated a new strategy to deal with ISIS (which marked a great departure from past Obama policies on ISIS), epitomized in Obama’s speech on September 10, 2014, he again emphasized a limitation, that there will absolutely be no boots on the ground to combat ISIS.

Now, today on September 13, we observed another killing. This time, a British citizen David Haines was beheaded by the same ISIS militant. As more and more U.S. and UK citizens (potentially citizens from other countries too) are killed by ISIS, is the Obama administration (and the UK) going to change its policy again?

As we have consistently observed for the past few months, dealing with a grave threat such as ISIS in such reckless manner is NO strategy at all. The pattern has been that, Obama waited until something bad happens, then he escalates his responses to deal with ISIS in light of that new happening.

What is worse is that, our leadership continuously “assures” our enemy that our fight against their brutality and barbarism will be “limited,” at the same time Obama also assures the American public that he will “degrade” and “destroy” ISIS. I simply do not know how these two assurances can coexist.

How can we degrade and destroy ISIS by using air strikes alone? Sure, the Kurdish and Iraqi forces are part of this broader fight against ISIS, but are we sure that we want to rely on them to “destroy” ISIS? By emphatically and consistently limiting our involvement in the fight against ISIS to that of only air strikes, is not acknowledging ISIS as a “real enemy” to the United States!

It is time for the Obama administration to start taking seriously ISIS as a real threat to the United States. We need President Obama to show real courage, not timidness; real strategy, not ever-shifting and tenuous policies; real leadership, not a mere speech-giver.