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Today, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he will step down from his post. Liberal MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow, in support of Mr. Holder, bashed House Republicans for holding Mr. Holder in contempt of Congress, and she said that the fast and furious scandal involving the Justice Department is not Holder’s fault, because it was started by the Bush administration.

One detail Ms. Maddow left out (perhaps purposely) during her show, was that the the reason House Republicans held Holder in contempt, was because Mr. Holder refused to turn over documents related to fast and furious. Now, if Ms. Maddow is so convinced that it was the Bush administration that was at fault in relation to “Fast and Furious,” why did Mr. Holder refuse to turn over those documents, if Mr. Holder has nothing to fear as it was Bush administration’s fault? Blaming it on Bush does not work here, clearly the Justice Department under the leadership of Holder had something to hide, if it’s Bush’s fault, why not show them?