In June 2014, before ISIS became perennial headline news, I had written that Obama is an indecisive, reckless and incompetent president, especially in the context of his dealing with ISIS. Mr. Obama had at first declared that ISIS was only a “JV Team,” a sort of non-serious terrorist group unworthy of attention. Well, he was wrong. Over the course of many months, Obama did not act at all to treat ISIS as a real threat to contend with, but repeatedly reiterated that there will be no “boots on the ground.”

When ISIS proved that it was no “JV Team” and took over city after city, town after town in Iraq and Syria, killing hundreds and thousands, and enslave many with their brutality, Mr. Obama started to pay some serious attention to ISIS, but only committed to conduct air strikes against ISIS targets with allies, and leave ground battle to the listless Iraqi troops. Military experts have warned again and again that air strikes alone will not defeat ISIS. Mr. Obama ignored these calls.

As time went on, and as ISIS occupied more territories and U.S. air strikes has proved to be of limited effectiveness, Mr. Obama’s war bill to Congress was again very limited, that would prohibit the use of “enduring offensive ground forces” and limit engagement to three years.

And now, as ISIS took over another major city recently, Mr. Obama again declared that “I don’t think we are losing…” Utterly delusional. If we analyze Mr. Obama’s record with ISIS, we can only draw one conclusion that he is incompetent, reckless and indecisive, he is a president who is not capable of defending Americans against foreign threats such as ISIS. Does Mr. Obama want to wait until ISIS launches a major attack on US soil to finally realize that he’s been wrong all along? At the rate it is going, it only seems like such tragedy is becoming more imminent, as we sit around and do nothing against this threat, and hoping it will go away on its own without U.S. military intervention. This is utterly childish and irresponsible. The one-term Senator-turned-President has proved himself to be someone incapable of defending Americans from harm.

George W. Bush’s reckless invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a disaster, and Barack Obama’s reckless complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq is a failure of equal magnitude. His policy left a vacuum for ISIS to expand its influence, and poses its real threat in the Middle East and beyond. Eight years of Obama presidency proved that lofty campaign words cannot replace decisive and effective policies. Obama’s campaign slogan “Hope and Change” has become such a platitude now. U.S. is not more secure because of Obama’s policy, it is false hope, and there is no positive change in this regard. Obama’s dealing with ISIS is a complete fiasco.