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Regarding Donald Trump, his impressive status in the polls, and his chance of becoming President of the United States.

1. Political Polls have not been accurate in predicting who the eventual nominee would be, let alone the person eventually becoming the President.

2. National polls are kindda meaningless. Presidential nominees are determined by state primaries/caucuses one by one, it is more meaningful to look at state polls than national polls for practical purposes.

3. Not a single state primary/caucus has been held, it is hard to say those who were polled would be actual voters casting votes in primaries and caucuses. It’s therefore hard to say those say they will vote for Trump will go vote, and if they do, they will vote for him.

4. The first three primary states casting votes for Republican nominees in February, Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina will provide impetus in the process for candidates who win in top spots, although their overall influence in terms of delegate counts are small. We don’t know if Trump will win these three states. Ted Cruz is currently having highest support in polls in the state of Iowa, likely due to evangelical support.

5. March 1 super Tuesday primaries will have largest numbers of states holding primaries, the end results from super Tuesday will provide more indication if Trump has any chance of becoming the Republican nominee, hence potentially President. If Trump is still standing after super Tuesday, he might have a chance of becoming the nominee.

6. Even If Trump becomes nominee for the Republican party, it is doubtful if he can beat Hillary Clinton the likely democratic nominee for President in November 2016.

7. A Donald Trump presidency would be more disastrous than Obama’s. He’s not even a conservative, who in the past even donated to democratic presidential campaigns. The Republican grassroots who vent their anger by supporting Trump is foolish by trusting trump in domestic or foreign policies.

8. The chance of Trump becoming President is slight, at least I hope so. He might have a chance of capturing the Republican nomination, but it is still too early to tell. We need to wait for the results of the first 3 state primaries, and the super Tuesday primaries.

May God bless and have mercy on America, let not Donald Trump the entertainer and joke become President of the United states. Obama has been bad enough, Donald Trump would be even worse as President.