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A Ted Cruz presidency would be troubling because the guy’s record being a lawmaker in the Senate has shown that he hardly works with his colleagues, even his fellow Republicans. In fact he is quite disliked by his Republican colleagues.

This kind of attitude would be ineffective for a President, when you need to learn to work with people to get things done. Obama is pretty bad in this regard, but at least he’s respected by his democratic colleagues. Cruz is hated even by Republicans.

But even if Cruz wins the Republican nomination, it’s unlikely he will be elected President in general election due to his far right tea party credentials. But still, Cruz is less lunatic than Donald Trump. between the two, Cruz trumps Trump.

The Barack Obama presidency is marked by division. Obama has been divisive from the far left, a Ted Cruz presidency would be divisive from the far right. Can we afford another 4 to 8 years of “Divided States of America”?